How to Write a Great Research Paper, and Get it Accepted by a Good Journal:

  • good content(novel,clear,useful, exciting) and presentation(logical manner)
  • reviewers can grasp the scientific significance easily, save their time!think from the reader; journal Finder
  • clarity, objectivity, accuracy, and brevity(direct and short sentences): tenses; scopus

1. Abstract

avoid mentioning new concepts if reader can't perceive it immediately.

2. Figures

  • Tools: InkScape
  • Format: pdf

3. Review pipeline

  • review the main text: read it to check the clarity and fluency.
  • review the tables/graphs.
    • Are they cited in the text? Are they cited with correct index?
  • check references formats:
    • use abbreviations of conf./journal which need to be consistent throughout the references.
    • try to make reference clean: remove volumn, page, publisher, institution
  • check if the pdf is submitted in the submission system.

4. Latex

4.1. Overleaf

If there's format bug, can downgrade Tex Live version from 2021 to 2020.

4.2. Texpad

Texpad live 支持实时编译 缺点:不支持高级packages,如cref, 会报错:infinite loop in pdfLaTeX code



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