1. Representations

1.1. voxel


1.2. point cloud

discretization of surface into 3D points does not model connectivity

1.3. Meshes

discretization into vertices and faces

2. File Format

2.1. off

2.2. obj

2.3. fbx

3. Datasets

Target Dataset:

  • SHREC13STB: 1258 models of 90 classes
  • Princeton Shape Benchmark (2003): 1,814 models collected from the web in .OFF format. Used to evaluating shape-based retrieval and analysis algorithms.
    • hierachical label supports clssification of multiple granularities
    • 161 classes each contain at least 4 models at most 100 models



  • Shapenet 2015: 3Million+ models and 4K+ categories. A dataset that is large in scale, well organized and richly annotated.
  • ObjectNet3D: A Large Scale Database for 3D Object Recognition (2016) :100 categories, 90,127 images, 201,888 objects in these images and 44,147 3D shapes. Tasks: region proposal generation, 2D object detection, joint 2D detection and 3D object pose estimation, and image-based 3D shape retrieval Benchmark:

  • Kinect300: Abstract and noisy

    • a 3D Sketch Dataset, with 300 3D Sketches. 30 classes, each with 10 sketches by utilizing a Kinect-based virtual 3D drawing system
    • format: .off

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