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She must show discretion in choosing her teammates. exploit their opponent’s weakness. animated by greed.





He counterfeited the signature. The policeman helped him ensconce in a new job. Someday you’ll find that your lies are a snare from which you can’t escape.

The fault in our stars–星运里的错

stars是阿姆斯特丹浪漫餐厅里的香槟:星星的味道。男孩一再说着,即便知道地球终将被太阳吞噬,而所有的爱恨最终都将成为dust,但是,他爱她。 男孩的逝去是她一直保留的第十级疼痛。


She’ve been slated for a three o’clock interview. Her mother’s speech to their kids often seems to be painfully didactic. Her mother became increasingly dismayed by her GPA. Her mother examined her work and found it wanting. He was not a decrepit old man since time had not dehydrated his spirit. a rampant growth of weeds in the neglected yard. an abiding love of his rose. There was a wistful look in his eyes when he spoke of his past. The little prince soothed him in his grieves with emollient words. She discredited the story of little prince embroidered by the droll old man. A lifetime of working in dreary jobs has enervated his very soul and indurated his heart to the suffering of others. The rose withered/wizened . The movie actually concatenates several episodes from boks into one extended narrative.

“Old,but not obsolete.” The men awaiting interrogation by the police shared a saturnine silence.

He spent his school years dallying and doodling and preferred to drone instead of getting a job. badinage. shiftless spongers who never thought to do anything for themselves. austere. The day-long work left them in a state of utter fatigue. The heavy rain thoroughly doused them. She was adamant about staying in the village. convened the members of the company for an emergency session. He climbed up the mountain through a defile to find the lost kid.The wind finally dissipated the smoke.The mist dissolved. He finally found the missing boy and got acclaim. They deified trees.

He was a playboy and libertine. She has recidivated for several times. He conceded as soon as it became clear that he could not win. A victory results from the concerted effort. He believed the old woman’s apocalyptic predictions with apocalyptic tone. an excursive story line.

According to an ancient fable. an audacious plan. saccharine ending in which everyone lives happily ever after. a frothy movie.


an eerie and portentous stillness. a patina of old-world quaintness. a damn good party.

The accident ruptured their friendship. a rift among those once allied friends.

He had a conspicuous change in his appearance. To his everlasting credit,he was held in high esteem. The crown prince was reminded that even the rabble deserved his attention and compassion. They were loath to accept the fact that Linshu had been killed in the battle. Xiajiang was the behind-the-scenes incendiary who was connived to usurp the throne. quash the rebellion. concrete evidence. Xiajiang were suspected of conniving at the prisoner’s escape. a daft plan,doomed to be wretched failure and merciless ridicule. She listened with deep affliction as he told her what he had experienced.


Wei and Chen were contiguous nations at war. an unavailing effort to avert a war. The debacle of the war between Wei and Chen. Only the charred skeleton of the house remained after the fire. quell riot. Yezhen suffered exquisite pain.

knead a painful calf muscle. scurrilous attacks.

The Monkey King defies the gods.He is an anarchist. He is a role model worthy emulating. fatuous monsters. Jiang Liuer was a garrulous traveling companions.The information sated his curiosity. The abrupt music The Brave Heart blunted the effect of the movie’s scene. The fire is the test of gold,adversity of strong man. It won virtually every accolade that the film world has to offer. Critics raved about it. hilarious cartoons that the whole family can enjoy. The producer’s humor animated the film.


She cultivated vegetables by her own and the life in little forest cultivated her mind. a verdant field. water flowed along the dike to the fields. She baked bread to dehydrate the damp house in fervid summer. Vegetables tended to go bad quickly in the dank cellar. wrest the lid off this pickle jar. A forest was vibrant with the dappled foliage of autumn.She could feel the appreciable changes in temperature. There is a deficiency of fresh food in frigid winter. enjoy the tranquility of the snow-covered field. fallow.

The decrepit mansion had a sepulchral tone that gave everybody a chill.


a gentlemanly and urbane host of elegant dinner parties.


She was disconfited by the awkward situation of meeting him again.Friendship is the finest balm in need. Feelings of confidence and independence were only just beginning to engender. lithe dancers. vicissitude of daily life.


She defers to her father’s wishes. offish. She had poor sartorial taste. Men have traditionally regarded flowers as the fail-safe gift for Valentine’s Day. goldbrick his duty. She debarked as soon as the ship dropped anchor. He was crestfallen at the failure. He2 assiduously debunks him.


He don’t want to escalate the war and tries to aschew involvement in the war.

Mountain climbing has largely slaked his desire for adventure.

The students all looked very dapper in their uniforms. Adolescence is the most fretful stages of human development. diabolic expiate his sin.

armies have traditionally used public execution as an exemplary punishment for the crime of desertion. A dirty wound will probably fester. interrogate the prisoner of war for valuable intelligence. hoary legend. He apprised her of the danger that may be involved. Things went awry so she had to expedite her plans. consternation.

He wore his hat at a rakish angle.


stay at home instead of going out and carousing with friends. raze old building. Only a diaphanous hope of success.They were dubious about the plan. made clothes with the greatest possible expedition. She made her single debut. Her fine work attests her ability.

a backhanded compliment. a good talk show host has to be able to extemporize the interviews when things don’t go as planned. articulate。 The incredibly complicated machination to assassinate the president inevitably failed.


His genius was epic. There was a difficult conundrum even for the experts—-to decipher enigma,which the German used to transfer cryptic message . a long and arduous undertaking. Elen delves into his research. a good apprehension of how enigma works. His words antagonized his colleague.


The proposal met their approbation.

She and her mother were ordered to evacuate the house. She dressed in conservative outfits and only made conservative investments. depressed.He extricated her from difficulties. an effulgent sunset. an elastic optimistic nature—mental resilience.She was frugal in her expenditures. It will be hard to conciliate the views of her dad and her. She barked at the very idea of compromise. Her mother was demanding and distraught.It is too late for her to feel contrite when she left the island. He2 helped her efface those unpleasant memories.

He loathed sinking into a life of utter depravity. She gave him a alibi for the incident and felt guilty for her culpable behaviors. She agonized for days over the moral issues involved. The policeman had a dearth of evidence that led to the suspect’s conviction and only knew a contorted version of the truth.That line of investigation proved to be barren.He tried other avenues to find evidence to corroborate his assumption. cleave to the fact. She2 had a paranoid suspicion. She was languid.The doctor admonish her to accept the treatment. anesthetic.


They were arrests for smuggling drugs into the country. transgress the drug law.


She tried to assuage the girl’s sorrow. She feign.

He rose to the greatness but never forgot his plebeian past.


earnest. He dissect some basic problems in mathematics analysis. etched an unforgettable portrait of the doctor.

He was completely engrossed in his work. He is a conscientious sushi cook ,a doyen in the industry.His skill and talent ennoble his profession. He was shown much deference by his customers.

Dolphins sometimes become meshed in fishnets.

the gossamer of youth’s dreams.

We have to conserve natural resources. rich deposits of oil and natural gas.


He had gathered evidence that will exculpate/vindicate her.


Her lament for her friend.


### 十二月

a pristine forest.

an imperial actress who thinks she’s some sort of goddess.


His constitution was enervated by lustful lifestyle. an antediluvian who thought a woman without talent is virtuous. Beauty is as evanescent as a rainbow.

evoke memories. exceptional bravery. She not at all amenable to persuasion.

She had a strong apprehension about her sister. the marriage rites. animated by CG.

He is diffident in school. a love as eternal and certain as the diurnal tides.

draconion. captured and slaughtered by the ferocious tribesmen. belligerence. He crouched behind a rock and watched vigilantly. Many audiences are unable to fathom what this film was talking about. esoteric terminology.

The monsters cast covetous eyes on earth’s fields. dike to protect the land. They must have implicit trust in their partners. They defuse the crisis but the streets were awash . explicit plan.His wartime exploits.


embrace the opportunity to study further. He has long be reigned as the nation’s leading exponent of palne manufacture industry.

surmounted endless obstacles to achieve his goals.


an erudite scholar. He was good for sapient advice.


an eccentric millionaire. His vast fortune is dwindling away since he was always extravagant with his money.


dissemble fear with a smile. an exacting instructor. Stop bring facetious!This is the life-and-death moment.


endorse a presidential candidate. He used cunning to work his way up in the government. He is unaesthetic to their feelings. He is just a demogogue who preys upon people’s fears and prejudice. She contravene the proposal with baleful effects. She was apoplectic about being cheated and threatened. political savvy. officials practicing cronyism. on the crest of the wave. at the zenith of his power. Congress enacted the tax reform bill. He also alluded to his rival’s past marital problems. faction. delineate the steps to be taken by the government. A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.


flaccid face of Mis Tang. mollycoddle/coddle his only baby.

perilous journey through hostile territory.

jobs were scant at that time.

The richness and variety of the forest was astounding in Xue’s eyes. The river flowed in a sinuous path through the lush valley. feral.

enjoy the languor brought on by a hot summer afternoon. They were disconcerted by the unexpected disaster.

He played the entire piano piece without a single fumble.

She finished off the painting with a few deft strokes of the brush. They were so astute that they knew how to invest emotionally. They sent her to an insane asylum. sinuous in plots. an unexpected denouement.

With a discreet gesture,she signaled to her boyfriend that she was ready to leave the party.

She felt apall by the whole idea of marriage—pre-wedding jitters.

epicure. She has a discerning palate. She was fettered by family responsibilities.She cooks to get away from the drudgery of her everyday life. The bakery’s scrumptious pastries have awonderfully ethereal consistency. The ambrosial aroma of the roast stimulates our appetites. Heavenly aromas wafted from the kitchen. a zesty sauce. She bustled about,taking care of the last-minute preparations for the dinner.

Shoppers ran around in a delirium the day before Christmas. She tried to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends.

She was fastidious about personal hygiene and appearance. a glutton for work. She was referred as devil incarnate. an office supervisor with a ruthless. truculent. a politic secretary.

He is a considerable artist. The immaculate rendering of the Queen of the Night’s aria displayed her consummate skill. Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro enjoyed great eclat in 1786. extant manuscripts.

croon mellow tunes。



ratiocination. rational explanation. the need for ancillary evidence. scrutinize. tangible evidence. He stared at the jewels with an avid glint in his eye. the crux of the problem. probe into his background.


She was a sedulous student living a laborious life. He dozed off during the jejune class. somnolence.

the temple was built to honor the gods in times of plenty and to propitiate them in times of trouble.


the rolling of the ship made him squeamish.


an arrangement of motley flowers.

expurgate. editing and proofreading will always be an exacting task.

lead a dissolute life. frowsy hair. The house was dank and frowsy and barely fit for human habitation. Her landlord has threatened to evict her if she doesn’t pay the rent soon. Repulsive effluvium made us vomit/nauseate. asperity.

They could not be compatible as roomates. Tears trickled down her cheeks. Many teenage girls became enamored of the movie idol for her boyish good looks.

dolt/dullard. The teacher belabor them. The film enlightened us about the thorny problem—education.

His mind was in a tumult.

Flowers came up every spring in their serried ranks.

The dog showed its allegiance to the old man.

ranbling under the starlight.

Rhe effete monarchy was moribund. alleviate pain/suffering. It received encomiums from film critics and engendered a lot of controversy.

ferocious forest fire.

He defaulted a loan. a jar of beer quenched his thirst. He is a canny card player who is good at psyching out his opponents.

a land of ethereal beauty and tranquility. serene. the amenity of the new surroundings.

The sublime beauty of the canyon. deplorable.

crook his finger to pull the trigger.

She has encountered more than her share of asperities on the road to succes. lives constricted by poverty. Nothing can faze her.

He is an amiable teacher. He taught her to discriminate different kinds of butterflies.


High standards of decorum are usually required when atteding the opera. She always preen herself in an elaborate suit before going to rhe opera.

a piquent sauce.


That meal assuaged their hunger. fecund black soil.

2009~2012 (高中)

The heartbeat was feeble and irregular.

Her genteel behaviors at the ball make others conjecture that she must come from a distinguished noble family.

The museum’s eclectic collection has everything from a giraffe skeleton to medieval musical instruments.

He was not a terrible old curmudgeon. an amorphous cloud mass.

Cats are very perceptive when it comes to pinpointing the source of a sound.

The luminous moon. The moon waxes and then wanes.

the myriad stars of a summer night.

He drifted off into a fitful sleep. a convoluted film,the plot of which I was never able to actually decipher.

He made a determined effort to redeem himself in the eyes of his wife and children.

priarie 大草原。

a singing star so canonized by his fans that they refuse to believe anything bad about him.

In Tang Dynasty,being plump was a sign of ultimate beauty. She was sequestered in her room.

2004~2009 (初中)

During the World War II,children were evacuated from London to the country.

Snape was a man of little mirth. The riveting novels’vivid writing and a racy plot keep readers turning the pages.

The spiderman traversed the wall from end to end.

resuscitated by the kiss of the prince.

pontificate to show a sense of superiority.

He execrates anyone who would physically abuse animals.

The maelstrom of war. precipice 悬崖峭壁。

His next opponent would be by far the most redoubtable adversary he had ever faced.

~2004 (小学)

an issue that would galvanize public opinion.

gangs of disaffected teenagers.

errant youngsters. There was a friction between the teacher and students.

She was an athlete with true grit,continuing the match despite an injury.

an intrepid explorer. The ship lurched in the storm.

an estimable adversary.