Ling Luo

PhD Student in SketchX Lab, CVSSP, University of Surrey.


03 BB 00


University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey. GU2 7XH

An art lover and a computer science enthusiast, both contributing to my passion about using computational intelligence to fuel art creation. This passion further motivates me to investigate how humans perceive the three-dimensional world through artistic abstraction.

I’ve been exploring the possibilities of 3D sketch-assisted content creation using VR technology and machine learning since joining the SketchX lab in 2019. This brand-new research direction is supervised by Prof. Yi-Zhe Song (Director, SketchX Lab, CVSSP, University of Surrey); co-supervised by Dr. Yulia Gryaditskaya, Prof. Tao Xiang and Dr. Yongxin Yang.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and creating videos.


Mar 22, 2023 Sketching into the Metaverse: The first fine-grained VR sketch based shape retrieval demo is in AIUK 2023!
Mar 1, 2022 The first fine-grained VR Sketch dataset is available now!
Oct 1, 2019 Joined SketchX of Surrey! :sparkles: :smile:

selected publications

  1. 3DV
    Structure-Aware 3D VR Sketch to 3D Shape Retrieval
    Ling Luo, Yulia Gryaditskaya, Tao Xiang, and Yi-Zhe Song
  2. 3DV
    Fine-Grained VR Sketching: Dataset and Insights.
    Ling Luo, Yulia Gryaditskaya, Yongxin Yang, Tao Xiang, and Yi-Zhe Song
  3. Towards 3D VR-sketch to 3D shape retrieval
    Ling Luo, Yulia Gryaditskaya, Yongxin Yang, Tao Xiang, and Yi-Zhe Song
  4. CVPR
    Cascaded Generative and Discriminative Learning for Microcalcification Detection in Breast Mammograms
    Fandong Zhang, Ling Luo, Xinwei Sun, Zhen Zhou, Xiuli Li, Yizhou Yu, and Yizhou Wang